Years to remember.

Losses to live with.

Unprecedented times of uncertainty, confusion, isolation, illness, lost lives.

The pandemic of coronavirus infection is followed by several parallel pandemics - the pandemic of depression and anxiety, various mental disorders relapse, the pandemic of specifically affected child development, increased home violence, the pandemic of online hyperactivity, and social hypoactivity.

But one special pandemic is here to stay for an indefinite time - the pandemic of grief.

The "pandemic grief" has been found to be very specific and particularly devastating, threatening to keep endangering mankind long after the coronavirus.

We are cordially dedicating this page to all the victims of the pandemic, who lost their lives or their loved ones. To all the moments they will never have together, and all the love left pending forever.

The BrainPerpetuum special issue on the "pandemic grief" is coming soon.

You can find:

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